Boo surfline!!!

So unfortunately Surfline was way wrong. They predicted a pretty big swell. Eh… not so much. Dollarton, Lenehan, and I headed down… well, I suppose I should say we headed up the shore early this AM. We started out in Manasquan, NJ. It was alright there but we were looking for something a little bit larger. Kev paddled out yesterday and apparently it was ridiculous. He said it was the biggest surf he had ever shredded in Jersey. Pretty dope as you can get stand up barrels in the fall. Don’t get me wrong… I surf, but by no means am I a surfer. I can honestly say out of all the board sports I participate in surfing is by far the hardest. I consider myself a snowboarder, and a skater, but I’m def not a surfer.  I get up… but I’m def not making any huge cutbacks or anything. So needless to say with surfline being wrong and all, I didn’t shoot many surf photos but I did shoot whatever else I could find. On the way down Dollarton and I passed this farm… It was pretty crazy seeing a farm less than a few miles away from the beach. I dunno if it was a petting zoo/farm or what, but I saw something (well I thought I saw something) that I’d never see again in my life! We passed it and I saw a cow… then I thought I saw a calf (veal parm for the layman) climbing up a sliding board. I thought it was weird enough to see playground equipment on a farm but when I saw this cow playing on a sliding board I freaked out. I made Joe turn the truck around and head back. I couldn’t believe what my eyes had just seen! Turns out it was a goat masquerading as a cow. That tricky bastard! Nonetheless I said eff it and got some shots anyway. Honestly though, I think this goat earned the shot of the day award for sure.
All in all the surf was a little disappointing but I still got some good shots of other randomness anyways. And we got to see the original Jersey Shore house in Seaside Heights. Kinda cool but def kinda suspect tourist of us. Haha Apparently the place is for rent. I’m sure they are probably charging 5x what it is really worth. Anyway, it was still a good time. I just wanna take a second to thank fisherman Joe (Lenehan’s roommate from college) and his fiance for showing us around. I’m hoping that I get a chance to get back down there before I head back to Breck. All in all even though the surf was non existent, it was still def worth the trip. Here a few shots from the day. Enjoy.
Dollarton on one of three waves

The other two joe’s scoping out the break
A pretty sweet jetti
a random gull
going the wrong way



flying rat

the most pointless chair in the US
chitty chitty bang bang
tomorrow will be better
not a bad ending