Going to bed in Philly and waking up in Seattle

It’s pretty crazy going to bed in Philly and waking up in what seems like Seattle! Today definitely reminded me of the 6 months I spent there. It was awesome, don’t get me wrong I definitely wouldn’t take living there back for anything. I met some awesome peeps who became life long friends and 40% of my days shredding were powder days. (When it rained in the city it snowed in the mountains). Steven’s was sick too… So many rad stashes there! …and grabbing a big bag of greasy Dicks when you’re done! Can you really ask for a better day? haha Sorry, got off on a tangent there. Anyway, yeah…. waking up to rain sucks and going to bed while it’s still raining… eh, not so bad. From what I’ve heard Seattle is totally bad ass during the summer. I’m planning on going back either this summer or the next for sure!